Sparkling Pear Bath Bomb

Sparkling Pear Bath Bomb

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There is something wonderful about Sunday brunch. A glorious spread, and because it is Sunday, the rules of the workweek don’t apply. Like mimosas. Fruity, sparkling and FUN. Just like this bath bomb.

Take a break from the serious side of life. Live a little. Drink the mimosa. Relax in a luxurious bath.

What does this bath bomb smell like? Sparkling fruity champagne blended with juicy anjou pear, ripe plums & juicy peaches.

Our bath bombs not only add fizz to your bath, they also add wonderful foam! Another step towards creating the ultimate luxurious bath experience.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, epsom salt, powdered buttermilk, SLSa (naturally-derived foaming agent), almond oil, distilled water, skin-safe colorant and fragrance