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Beard Balm

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Beard Balm is conditioner for your facial hair!  Just like the hair on our heads, beards can get a bit unruly, rough and dried out.  Beard Balm is a blend of nourishing oils held together with all-natural beeswax, and scented with a manly blend of essential oils (sandalwood, grapefruit, cedar, patchouli and tea tree).

Each Beard Balm tin contains 2 ounces of balm.

Ingredients: shea butter, raw beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil and essential oils

How to use: apply in small amounts to facial hair and allow it time to absorb.

Note: Beard Balm will melt in temperatures over 80 F so it is not advised to keep this in your car during the summer! However, if it does melt, simply set the container upright and it will solidify in cooler temperatures.