About Us

Our products are formulated to bring joy, harmony & peace to your life. The world is a glorious place, and every day we have the opportunity to savor every moment.

A walk in the park. A picnic on Sunday. A glass of wine with friends. Just a few of the ways that you can bring balance to your busy life. Our products are designed to remind you that the small moments in life are special.

A hot bath after a long day. A quiet shower in the morning before a full schedule. The ritual of washing your face before bed. All remind you that time for yourself is as important as what you give to everyone else in your life.

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Ridgeway Soapworks was founded in 2015 by Molly Elmore.  After 20 years in corporate advertising & marketing, Molly longed for a creative-driven business that allowed her to design, package & share her amazing soaps & skincare formulations with the world.

Ridgeway Soapworks is based in the gorgeous mountain town of Ellijay, GA.  A short way from the start of the Appalachian Trail, Ellijay is full of creeks, mountain views, wildflowers and endless woods. 

Molly's life in the mountains is the inspiration for the products that she formulates under the Ridgeway Soapworks brand.