Our Story

Ridgeway Soapworks was founded in 2015 by Molly Elmore. After 20 years in corporate advertising & marketing, Molly longed for a creative-driven business that allowed her to design, package & share her amazing soaps & skincare formulations with the world.

Based in the gorgeous mountain town of Ellijay, GA just short way from the start of the Appalachian Trail, Ellijay is full of creeks, mountain views, wildflowers and endless woods. It is the perfect inspiration for uniquely natural products.

At Ridgeway Soapworks, we celebrate women who break the mold. Women who reach beyond what they were told was possible. Women who reach higher than the ceiling that existed for generations passed.

You are not like everyone else. We get that. You want more from life than most people. You want to experience the coolest, most interesting things that life can offer, and most of the time, that lies off the beaten path.

Breaking the mold takes courage. It takes creativity. It takes dreams.

Follow your heart, and dream the big dream because it’s possible. But only when you are willing to reach deep and far, and break the mold in the process.

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