Vanilla + Jasmine Soap

Vanilla + Jasmine Soap

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Walk through a garden in the summer, and the waft of jasmine will stop you in its tracks. Sweet, mesmerizing, intoxicating.

Mother Nature was on her A-game the day she created jasmine.

This soap honors the amazing creations found in nature, and blended with sweet vanilla is a soap that you will be mesmerized by.

Our soaps are formulated with a blend of naturals oils that were selected because they are amazing in soap. They create an amazing lather, but leave your skin feeling silky & smooth.

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This listing is for one bar of soap. Each bar is unique and varies slightly in size as the soap is hand cut. Each bar is approximately 5 ounces in weight.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, coconut oil, tallow, rice bran oil, castor oil, avocado oil, yogurt, goat milk, stearic acid, NaOH, mica, titanium dioxide and fragrance

Handmade soaps will last longer if allowed to dry in between uses. A draining soap dish is recommended.