Winter is not my favorite season

If I am being TOTALLY honest, winter is not my favorite season.

Sorry - I know loads of people love the winter stuff - snow, skiing, snowmen and the other things that winter brings.

I don't particularly like being cold.  That is why I moved from NY to Georgia way back when.  Funny thing is that I thought it was always warm in the south.  NOT TRUE!

January in Georgia is still cold. When it's cold, I have a completely new appreciation for the magic of a hot shower.

I love hot showers so much that last weekend I stayed in too long - and used up ALL the hot water.  oops.  

I will say that when it is cold outside and everything looks dead, there is something to be said for hot water warming you up inside and out.  I love it.  

I don't understand people who find showering a chore as I literally love being in the hot water.

Getting out and having to face the cold reality of a tile floor - hhmm, not as magical, but if you don't get out you will eventually run out of how water (ask me how I know - lol).

I hope that you find ways to make winter special for you - even if its not your fave season (if it is - enjoy!).