The Cost of Worry

A few days ago, my family went over to a friend’s house for dinner.  My friend (Andrew) is a fantastic guy.  He and his wife have 4 kids, and he is a firefighter.  His career means the world to him, as being a firefighter is his identity and gives him a second family that he adores.
A week ago, Andrew had surgery on his back and they removed a part of a spinal disk.  It was a high risk surgery, and he could have been paralyzed. If that had happened, his world would have been changed forever, as physical health is a requirement to be a firefighter.  He is on unpaid leave right now, and has a long recovery ahead of him.
Visiting with Andrew made me realize how everything can change in an instant, and there are no guarantees about what tomorrow will bring. 
We only have today. 
I know it is cheesy and cliche to talk about this kind of stuff, 
cliches exist for a reason.
Yesterday, I spent time thinking about some stuff that really stressed me out in February, 
stressed to the point of tears in some instances.  
Is that stuff really a big deal?  
Did I let worry rob me of the ability to enjoy today?
My wish for you is that you can enjoy this day as if it were the greatest day in your life.
Enjoy this day as if it were magical.
Because it is.
Don’t worry about stuff that probably won’t happen.
I am writing this to myself as much as to you, 
because it is not easy.
But important things are often difficult.