Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday is tomorrow, and this time of year always brings to mind thoughts about what can happen in a WHOLE year.  

It's a long time, but the older I get, the more it seems to fly by.

When time passes quickly, it is tempting to feel out of control.  To feel like no matter what I do, tick-tock, father time keeps his steady rhythm.

In my study of why people do what they do (I find that stuff fascinating), I learned that confidence is a by product of feeling in control.  When we *feel* like the world is at our fingertips, and that we are masters of our own domain, a feeling of confidence follows.

On the flip side, when we feel powerless to change something or that it is out of our hands, this can erode confidence.

Have you ever felt like something was out of your hands, and less confident in yourself as a result?

Here are my tricks to restoring confidence when caught up in a whirlwind of things that feel out of hand:

1. Create a morning routine that I control.  I get up early each morning to read, meditate and write in my journal.  While this doesn't solve every challenge I face, it is something I control and can honor this promise I make to myself

2. Remind myself that it is going to be fine.  Worry is so powerful, and it is easy to end up in the rabbit hole of "worst-case-scenario".  I remind myself of the terrible things I used to worry about that never actually happened and remind myself that this is situation is probably no different.

3. Ask for what I truly want. The mind is amazing in that it can be programmed to look for a particular outcome.  If you make it VERY clear what you do want (vs. what you don't want), your subconscious gets to work looking for the solution.  It can take a minute, however, don't attract the bad outcome because that is what your subconscious thinks is the desired outcome.  

It might sound cheesy when people say "think positive" however, there is some truth to making sure the little choices you make each say actually push you towards the outcome you want.

So, write down what you want.  Every day if you have to.

One of the most amazing parts of a birthday is the chance to look back across a year of life and see the amazing things that did happen. 

The fun memories.

The wonderful people who came into my life.

The lessons I learned.