Do You Want Christmas to Feel Magical?

Are you SO busy during the holiday season that you forget to enjoy it?
Ever been extremely busy with errands, shopping, work & making plans that the entire month of December literally flies by?
As a working mom, I often find the season so packed that I struggle to fully appreciate the holiday season until it is over.
It is sad because I truly want to experience the excitement and magic of Christmas, but I find myself busy focusing on what’s next - holiday parties, work deadlines, shopping for gifts and travel plans that my mind is always on the future.
I get pulled in MANY directions, so I know all too well that the magic of the holiday season can get lost in the shuffle. Too many meetings, deadlines, errands & things to get done. While that is not really going to change, I have found a way to ensure that I enjoy the holiday season every day.
I discovered last year that the SECRET was to take time EACH day - if only a few minutes - to appreciate and celebrate the Christmas each day throughout December.
That is the idea behind advent calendars, however, most are cheaply made and filled with worthless trinkets. While it is fun to open each day’s window, the surprise waiting is often a disappointment.
So, last year, my team and I created advent calendars filled with our bath & body products. The treats behind each day’s window are amazing for your skin, smell fantastic and are a fun way to try out new products.
There are a few other companies, like Jo Malone, offering advent calendars with products, but they are really expensive (Jo Malone advent calendar is $790 on Amazon). I don’t have that much in my budget this year.
When I was a kid, I LOVED advents full of chocolate, but unfortunately, I tend to overdo holiday sweet treats, so adding 24 days of chocolate won’t help in my fight against the holiday bulge.
Please, don’t let modern life make you so busy that can’t enjoy the magic of the holiday season.
However, there is one thing I have to mention. While the advents are gorgeous, they require a LOT of time to make, so we only have 30 available.
They will ship just before Thanksgiving, and we have already sold quite a few.
If you are interested in getting one for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, you want to order soon. Once they are gone, they are gone…. (at least until 2020).
If you pass on this opportunity, you will find yet another rushed holiday season stresses you out and leaves you with only ONE short day to savor the Christmas season.
Even a few moments to connect with yourself each day to uncover that day’s gift really makes the feeling of the holiday season feel so much richer.
Life’s about the little moments, right?
Our advent calendars will give you a lovely way to savor those little moments.
Behind each window is a unique & special bath treat. Each day is different, which is part of the fun.
You will have an AMAZING collection of bath & body gifts by the time Christmas Day arrives.
Unlike advents with cheap trinkets, useless toys or caloric candy, every single product in this advent calendar will make your skin feel amazing.
At the end of a long day on your feet, a pedi-bomb (oops, I spoiled one of the surprises) is a perfect remedy to wash away the craziness of your hectic day.
Are wondering what’s included in our advents?
24 different bath & body products, in a beautifully designed advent calendar
(retail value of the products is $128)
We have a few more surprises for you though….
We are ALSO offering COMPLIMENTARY shipping!
Free shipping! (valued at $18)
AND one more thing…
I want you to be able to enjoy MORE of your favorite items from the calendar, so you will ALSO receive a $20 gift card to buy WHATEVER you like from our online store.
How amazing is that?
Advent calendar FULL of products valued at $138
+ Free shipping valued at $18
+ Gift card valued at $20
= $166 retail value
The total value of the advents is $166, however, you ONLY have to pay $88.
That includes the amazing advent calendar FULL of bath & body products, shipped to you FREE with a $20 gift card for ANYTHING on our site.
I feel a little crazy offering this deal but I just love the advents and want as many people as possible to enjoy them. Well, “as many as possible” is a stretch because we only have 30.
Order yours now from:
Or you can search “advent” from our website and find it.
Looks like you have 3 options:
1. Do nothing and allow another holiday season to become a rushed & stressful experience
2. Get a $250 advent from Maggie Louise (those chocolates do look delicious) or the $790 Jo Malone advent (it’s on Amazon).
3. Order a Ridgeway Soapworks advent calendar. It is simply the best deal available considering the wonderful bath & body products contained behind each window, and it will transform the ENTIRE month of December into a magical experience.
Use code “ILOVEXMAS” to receive your $20 gift card with your advent to make it even easier to enjoy the magic of the holiday season!
Happy Holidays!
I hope you have a truly amazing & magical holiday season.