Can your shower time qualify as "self care"?

I got an interesting comment last week from someone who questioned whether your shower time qualifies as “self care”.
It got me thinking about what that term means to me, and whether daily activities and rituals qualify as “self care".
Does self care have to be a planned out activity?  
Does self care have to be something different from your daily routine?
It is an interesting question.  
My opinion - I don’t think that self care has to be a production.  
If that were a requirement, I gotta be honest - I would be far LESS likely to make it happen.
Now, I don’t want to dismiss the value of a girls weekend, or a trip to a spa or even scheduled alone time…
BUT, as a busy working mom, those things don’t happen all that often.
That’s the truth.
However, I do take a shower every day.  
And I get to choose how I view that time and the experience.
You also have options with your shower time.
  1. You can see it as a chore that you get through as quickly as possible
  2. You can see it as time to think about your goals, your dreams and your wishlist.  You can think about the specials moments you have to look forward to, the wonderful people in your life, and all of the things you are grateful for
You can choose to make this daily ritual a special time where you connect with your heart, your soul and your dreams.
For me, I have to be intentional about that, otherwise I get into the shower and worry about all the things on my to-do list.  I worry about deadlines, errands and the pressure I feel.
When I intentionally declare that shower time is self care time, and that I will ONLY think about things I am excited and happy about, I get my dose of positive energy.
So yes, I totally think that a shower can qualify as self care time.
I don’t believe that there is a limit on ways you can nurture yourself.
I choose to make that time special, and in the comfort of my shower, warm with the steamy water, that is my opportunity to fill my own cup with positive thoughts and dreams.