Break the Mold

So, here's the thing about dreams.

(The ambition kind, not what happens when you sleep)

The good ones, the big ones, the meaningful ones....

They are worth making an effort for.

Worth the sacrifice you must make.

Worth taking a risk for.

If you are not willing to step out of what's comfortable or safe, then the dream is not worth much.

The big, amazing & life-changing dreams are worth every painful sacrifice you must make.

Every scary thing you have to do.

Every risk you have to take.

Because here's what happens.

It's not the destination that changes you and your life.

It's the journey getting there that is the catalyst for change within you.

It is evolving into the person you become at the end of the road that is the reward.

If you want to be the kind of person who makes her (or his) dreams come true, you must be willing to put aside fear & overwhelm & panic and all the crazy emotions that live inside the mind.

Be willing to take the road less traveled.

Break the mold.