Beat the January Blues

Are You Going to Beat the January Blues?

Now that the holidays are over, and life goes back to a normal routine, some people can feel down. 

Often the weather is cold, dark and dreary. 

There are not many fun events on the calendar and the return to normalcy can feel like a downer.

If you see the potential in yourself to get the January Blues, it's a good idea to create a list of ways that you can CELEBRATE the quiet winter months.

Here are a few ideas that I like:

1. A winter reading list

Cozy time on the couch is a perfect way to get lost in an amazing story, or learn about an area of interest.  Use the free time you have to feed your mind

2. Learn to cook or make something new

I love soup in the winter, so this month I will experiment with a few new soup recipe ideas.  If you are crafty, this is a great time of year to learn how to make something new.  My soapmaking journey started one January, many years ago

3. Connect with your friends

Make a lunch date, or a shopping date, or plans to go for a walk with a friend.  Connection with people you can about is an AMAZING way to being joy into your life

4. Discover rituals that make you feel good

Hot baths (bath bombs are perfect way to make a bath special!), yoga and board games with your kids are a few rituals you can add to your routine to make you feel special, and bring joy into your day.

It's the little moments in life that can make an ordinary day special.