A Simple Way to Overcoming Overwhelm

When you have a lot of your plate from various obligations, 
it is easy to feel pulled in many directions and 
become overwhelmed.  

This feeling only exists in the mind, 
it can feel as real as the sunrise or 
your morning cup of coffee.

Want to know a simple way to get rid of those feelings?

Learn to say no.  

You don’t have to say yes to every request that people ask of you. 
You don’t have to help everyone who needs help.
You don’t have to take on every task that you *could* take on.

When you give yourself permission to say no,
You tell yourself that your experience in life matters
You tell yourself that you are important
You tell yourself that your time is valuable, 
and that it must be spent wisely.

Saying no does not mean you don’t care about your family or your job.
Saying no does not mean that you are selfish
Saying no does not mean that you are not generous of helpful

Saying no means you understand that you only have a set number of hours in the day
And you are obligated to make wise choices about how to use that precious resource

When you say no, you empower yourself to be the guardian of your time.
You empower yourself to protect your state of mind.
And the result is a happier, calmer, fun version of you.
And everyone around you wins when you get to show up that way.

I hope that you can enjoy this day, 
and every day
Give yourself permission to say no when you need to.